At the head of well dale sits the deserted medieval village of Cottam and the church of the holy trinity. Numerous earthworks, and what appears to be a central track, provide evidence of the site of the village itself but nothing remains above ground.

The church is in a sorry way, decaying rapidly and soon to be little more than an undulation in the ground like the deserted medieval village that surrounds it. The steady decline of this special building would seem to be irreversible. A sad and shameful state.

For the photographer the state of the building adds interest but for how long?

This project aims to document the church before it is lost for ever.

The church of the holy trinity, Cottam.

The Church of the Holy Trinity

Cottam, East Yorkshire.

Cottam Church.

Window detail.

The bell tower.

Cottam Church.

Church of the Holy Trinity - Cottam.

The beginning of the end - the roof ridge has gone.

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