Yorkshire Coast


The Yorkshire Coast spans from Spurn Head to the River Tees exhibiting a diverse range of terrain and human interactions. Geologically the coastline encompasses the low-lying clays of Holderness, the white chalk cliffs of the Wolds, and the Sandstone and Ironstone in the North. The industrial story ranges from arable farms and fishing to heavy industries both past and present.

This is a live project that will never be truly complete as it aims to document regional changes over the long term.

The work is covered by a range of sub-projects that can be accessed via the links below.

Yorkshire's Military Coastline

Coastal Erosion

Everything Else

Project beginnings

The initial project was an overview of the Yorkshire Coast used as the final submission for a short course that I studied. For posterity the submission can be found at TZFM201-Project. Some of the topics covered in that submission have branched off into the ongoing sub-projects above.

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