TZFM201 Project


The images below were my submission for the RPS supported Open University TZFM201 'Digital Photography: Discover your Genre and Develop your Style' course.

With the benefit of hindsight and the helpful course feedback that I received I might do a few things differently, but this is the 'warts and all' unedited input.

The Submission

Statement of Intent

The Yorkshire Coast spans from Spurn Head to the River Tees exhibiting a diverse range of terrain and human interaction. Geologically the coastline encompasses the low-lying clays of Holderness, the white chalk cliffs of the Wolds, and Sandstone and Ironstone in the North. Industry past and present ranges from arable farms and fishing to heavy industries.

The images show a selection of aspects, both natural and man-made, that shape this region including industry, war, leisure and coastal erosion.

The panel is the first part of a long-term travel genre project that will be presented on my website. It follows a documentary approach, inspired by Don McCullin’s landscape work and will show, over time, the changing character of this wonderful and often overlooked coastline.

The predominantly documentary content is supplemented by landscape images intended to create immediate impact to showcase the project and provide cover and landing page images.


Image 01

Image 02

Image 03

Image 04

Image 05

Image 06

Admiral Von Tromp

Image 07

Image 08

Image 09

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Thoughts on the course

I found this course challenging, and by that I mean challenging in a good way. I have read tutorial texts and followed other courses that are helpful in improving photographic craft and compositional skills, but this course went much further.

The take away from the course was to explore and develop the direction that my photography should follow in the future. TZFM201 may teach some technique but what really struck a chord with me was the emphasis on adopting a purposeful approach.

Adding a 'projects' section to this site is wholly down to the influence of TZFM201, and I'm finding that building the projects is much more rewarding than wandering around hoping to stumble on something interesting to photograph.

I really can't speak highly enough about the course and recommend it for anyone desiring to add direction to their work.

The course is provided by the Open University on the FutureLearn platform and is supported by the Royal Photographic Society. The RPS describe the course here:

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